Engine 3451


Engine 3451 is a 2006 custom Ferrara pumper. It holds 1,000 gallons of water, along with our extrication equipment, and EMS equipment. Engine 3451 responds to all calls of structure fires, auto accidents, and fire alarms. 

Brush 3452


Brush 3452 is a 2003 Ford F-550 that holds 400 gallons of water. 

This apparatus responds to calls of woods fires, brush fire, and investigation calls in our Station 2 area.

Tanker 3453


Tanker 3453 is a 2003 Peterbuilt commercial apparatus that holds 3,000 gallons of water. 

Tanker 3453 responds to areas that does not have hydrants for structure fires, wildland fires, or upon the request of another fire agency. 

Engine 3454


Engine 3454 is a 1984 Pierce Arrow custom pumper that holds 1,000 gallons of water. Engine 3455 was donated to our department in 2005. 

Engine 3455


Engine 3455 is a 1993 E-One Commercial pumper that holds 750 gallons of water. From 1993 to 2004, Engine 3455 was our only engine at that time and was first out for all calls.

Brush 3456


Brush 3456 is a 2016 Ford F-350 that holds 250 gallons of water.    This apparatus responds to calls of woods fires, grass fires or investigation calls from our Station 1. 

Additional Apparatus

Rescue 3457


Rescue 3457 is a 2002 Ford F-450 light duty rescue. Rescue 3457 primarily responds to EMS calls and auto accidents but also provides manpower for structure fires and other calls when needed.  

Highwater 3458


Highwater 3458 is a 1997 Stewart Stevens transport vehicle donated by the Alabama Forestry Commission.  Highwater 3458 responds to floods and high water emergencies. This truck was donated to us after the 2014 flood that impacted our area.  


Chief Kaylan Driskell

EMS rank: EMT

Years in Fire Service: 15

Previous department: Marlow VFD

Years on Magnolia Springs VFD: 12

Profession: Fire Inspector/Investigator 

with the City of Semmes

Contact Information:

(251) 424-0405

Assistant Chief Wesley Ray

EMS rank: Advanced EMT

Years in Fire Service: 12

Years on Magnolia Springs VFD: 12

Profession: Firefighter/EMT with Foley Fire

Contact Information:

(251) 424-0453

Captain Clayton Singleton

EMS rank: EMT

Years in Fire Service: 17

Previous Department: Foley VFD

Years on Magnolia Springs VFD: 17

Profession: Safety Instructor with Austal 

Lieutenant Kristen Folsom

EMS rank: Paramedic

Years in Fire Service:

Previous Department: Loxley VFD

Years on Magnolia Springs VFD: 9

Profession: Fire Medic with Mobile Fire


Station 1


Station 1 is located at 14809 Gates Avenue. 

Station 1 is our primary station where administrative offices are located and where classes are held. 

Station 2


Station 2 is located at 9254 Vernant Park Road. 

Station 2 houses an Engine, Highwater and a Brush truck and is where our training facility is located.