Want to Volunteer?


Why Volunteer?

You probably see fire trucks rush past you daily. Going to your neighbors house that's on fire or the auto accident at the intersection down the street? 

What if no one showed up to the next emergency? What if no one showed up to your emergency?

Join our team! 

Do I have to fight fire?

No. If your passion is for cutting up cars, providing emergency medical services, or even community relations, you can help!  

What if I have no experience?

No problem! Many of our current firefighters joined the department without any fire or EMS experience at all! 

Will Monday night trainings teach me all I need to know?

Monday night drills will teach you a majority of what you will need to know for our general operations. However, to be a certified volunteer firefighter, we will send you to an Alabama Fire College Volunteer Firefighter 1 class. We will also send you to other Alabama Fire College classes to further your training.

Requirements for Joining

  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • No prior convictions.
  • Able to attend most Monday night trainings.
  • Live in the Magnolia Springs area.
  • Have a valid driver's license.

When are trainings?

We train every Monday night at 6 pm except for holidays!


What do I have to do to join?

Just show up on a Monday evening at 6 pm!

We will give you an application and you will be able to watch us train that evening! After a few weeks of initial training and familiarization, a pager will be issued to you so you can begin responding to calls. 

Does volunteering cost me anything?

No! We will send you to classes to further your education in the fire service free of charge! The only thing that will cost you is your time!